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Sandpaper Custom Stationery

'Tis the season to start thinking about your holiday cards and Sandpaper is ready to help! I often hear people comment about how much they love receiving holiday cards, but sending them out is a challenge during the busy holiday season. Let Sandpaper take some of that holiday pressure off and make sending holiday cards a piece of cake. Don't let the task hold you back from sending holiday cards to those special people in your life.  It's an easy way to tell them you are thinking of them and sending love during the holiday season!

Once you've wrangled everyone up for the "perfect" photo(s) send the photo over by email.  Sandpaper will create 2-3 ideas that match your picture with colors and font style.  From the ideas, you pick your favorite, decide how many you'll need and your work is done!  If addressing is another daunting task, Sandpaper can print your addresses too!  Below are just a few ideas to get you thinking of the possibilities. When creating custom cards here are several ideas think about:

1. Do you want a flat card or one that folds open?
2. Size: great sizes are 5x7, 5x5 and 4.25x5.5.
3. Single layer paper or multi layers of coordinating paper.

Simple cards: take any of the layouts and create the card as a single layer card. Less materials, less labor creates a cost effective holiday card. Simple cards begin at $1.00 per card. Double sided simple print cards begin at $1.25.

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